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Name:Bronwyn "Bryn" Alessia St. Vincent Clare
Location:United States of America
Bryn was born to a normal family. She had a normal life--for the first four years. When she was four, a Rabid, a werewolf who hunted humans, came and killed her parents with the goal of Changing her into a werewolf. She didn't know its goal at the time. All she knew was that she got away, thanks to an alpha werewolf named Callum, who then adopted her and gave her to another human in the pack to raise.

When she was a teenager, Bryn found a boy like her. A Survivor of a vicious attack that had turned him into a werewolf. He was being kept in a cage in Callum's basement until he had his instincts under control. His name was Chase.

With Chase's help, Bryn found out that the Rabid who had attacked her was still alive, unlike what Callum had told her. When she learned this, she rewired her and Chase's pack-bonds to be "each other's first and Pack second." She ran to Chase and held him, which was against the conditions of her seeing him, and was beaten.

Ali, Bryn's adoptive mother, took Bryn away from the pack at this point to Montana. Bryn ran into her friend Lake there, and the two of them started tracking the Rabid's movements. Eventually they used Chase to track the Rabid and then brought Chase and Bryn's other friend Devon to Montana to confront the Rabid.

There, they discovered that the Rabid, Wilson, had Changed dozens of children, not killed them. They determined that the children were all what Bryn called Resilients, and what Lake's father called "scrappy", making them able to survive the transformation. Bryn, Chase, and Wilson also fell into this category, but Wilson didn't realize what Bryn did--that Resilients were also resistant to dominance. Bryn got the Resilients Wilson had changed to reject his dominance, at which point they turned their pack-bonds to her and made her alpha.

Bryn is set post-Trial by Fire.


I am in no way affiliated with Jennifer Lynn Barnes or with Astrid Berges-Frisbey, Bryn's PB. Raised by Wolves, from which Bryn is taken, belongs to Jennifer Lynn Barnes. Astrid Berges-Frisbey belongs to herself. This is all for pretendy funtimes and I make no profit from it. Mun is 21+, muse is 16 for default but can be aged up for more adult scenarios.

Bryn can be found under the same username on LJ and Tumblr.
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